Schedule & Results, Jerry Smith Memorial, 2018-2019 (Glanbrook Minor Hockey Association)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, December 27, 2018
Pool A17:00 AMGBA Glanbrook Grey1-8Lawfield Jets
Pool A28:00 AMGBA Lawfield Canadians3-1Glanbrook Red
Pool A39:00 AMGBA Lawfield Leafs3-2Lawfield Oilers
Pool A510:00 AMGBA Hagersville Hawks 62-2Lawfield Canadians
Pool A411:00 AMGBA Glanbrook Blue0-8Stayner Cyclones
Pool A612:00 PMGBA Glanbrook Blue2-10Lawfield Sens
Pool A712:30 PMVP Lawfield Flames3-2Glanbrook Red
Pool A81:00 PMGBA Lawfield jets3-1Glanbrook Red
Pool A91:45 PMVP Morestown Jr Flags3-3Lawfield OIlers
Pool A102:00 PMGBA Lawfield Flames13-1Six Nations Blackhawks
Pool A113:00 PMVP Lawfield Sens3-2Lawfield Leafs
Pool A123:00 PMGBA Glanbrook Grey2-10Lawfield Canadians
Pool A144:00 PMGBA Lawfield Jets9-5Lawfield Oilers
Pool A134:15 PMVP Glanbrook Red1-1Lawfield Leafs
Pool A165:00 PMGBA Stayner Cyclones2-1Lawfield Canadians
Pool A175:00 PMMOH Glanbrook Blue2-5Hagersville Hawks 6
Pool A155:15 PMVP Glanbrook Blue0-5Lawfield jets
Pool A196:00 PMGBA Glanbrook Red0-5Lawfield Flames
Pool A206:00 PMMOH Lawfield Sens13-4Six Nations Blackhawks
Pool A186:15 PMVP Glanbrook Red1-6Morestown Jr Flags
Pool A217:00 PMGBA Lawfield Sens2-2Lawfield OIlers
Pool A228:15 PMGBA Lawfield Flames2-1Lawfield Leafs
Friday, December 28, 2018
Pool A237:00 AMGBA Glanbrook Blue0-2Lawfield Canadians
Pool A248:00 AMGBA Stayner Cyclones4-1Hagersville Hawks 6
Pool A259:00 AMGBA Lawfield Jets6-1Lawfield Canadians
Pool A2610:00 AMGBA Glanbrook Red0-3Lawfield Oilers
Pool A2711:00 AMGBA Lawfield Leafs6-1Glanbrook Grey
Pool A2812:00 PMGBA Lawfield Sens4-1Lawfield jets
Pool A291:00 PMGBA Glanbrook Red3-3Six Nations Blackhawks
Pool A302:00 PMGBA Lawfield Flames1-3Glanbrook Blue
Pool A313:00 PMGBA Lawfield Flames1-2Lawfield OIlers
Pool A324:15 PMGBA 3-7
Pool A335:15 PMGBA 3-0
Pool A346:15 PMGBA Lawfield Leafs3-3Morestown Jr Flags
Pool A357:30 PMGBA Lawfield Sens4-1Glanbrook Red
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Pool A368:00 AMGBA 1-6
Pool A379:00 AMGBA 2-3
Pool A3810:00 AMGBA 1-4
Pool A3911:00 AMGBA 3-1
Pool A4012:00 PMGBA Lawfield CanadiansStayner Cyclones
Pool A411:30 PMGBA Lawfield CanadiansLawfield Jets
Pool A423:00 PMGBA Lawfield FlamesLawfield Senators
Pool A434:30 PMGBA Lawfield OilersLawfield Senators
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